Mintzberg Organizes Living Lab At World Social Forum In Montreal

McGill University management professor Henry Mintzberg has organized an outdoor “living lab” to take place Wednesday, August 10, 2016 in which he hopes to bring together hundreds of participants to brainstorm and come up with innovative ways to combat climate change.

Called On the Earth, for the Earth: Acting Together for a Cool Planet, Mintzberg will use the McGill football stadium as a venue to bring together interested participants. Think of it as a kind of climatic picnic.

Groups will have the opportunity to present their ideas and then vote on the best ones.

“If they come up with a few great ideas and if 100 people say they are going to do something about this, I will consider it a success,” Mintzberg said in an interview. “We want to inspire people to leave with new opportunities for collective action back home.”

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