Welcoming Experienced Candidates

If you are seeking international focus for your career, and you have more than 10 years of work experience with substantial and relevant managerial experience, then the IMPM is for you. The entire IMPM premise is based on sharing experiences and insights with peers; participants are therefore typically 35 –55 years of age.

IMPM participants are either sponsored by their company; (corporations like Lufthansa, BNDES and LG have been sending managers for years), or are individuals who have decided that the program’s philosophy and outcomes are what they need to move forward in their career or organization.

Attending as part of a company team allows managers to learn about the diversity that exists within their own organizations. Through sharing experiences, team members gain a deeper understanding of how the entire organization works and are therefore in the best position for implementing change.

If you are interested in sending a company team contact

Diploma and Certificate Participants

Participants who have satisfactorily completed all activities and assignments, including full attendance at the five modules, will receive a joint Certificate of Attendance in the International Program for Managers from the five institutions.

Masters Degree Requirements

All activities and requirements will be identical for degree and non-degree participants, except that degree candidates will submit a major paper after the fifth module. Master’s degrees are offered from Lancaster University (MSc International Executive Management), McGill University (Master of Management) or FGV/EBAPE (Master of Administration). A complete list of requirements will be provided when applicants are accepted into the IMPM and will include the following:

  • Master’s degree applicants must normally have an undergraduate degree from a recognized university; a post-graduate degree is, of course, also welcome.
  • Applicants with an MBA or EMBA will find the IMPM quite different and are invited to apply.
  • Candidates with no degree but who have other relevant qualifications may be eligible.

Transcripts must show that a degree has been awarded and the grades achieved in individual courses.