Fees & Expenses



Program Costs

The IMPM is one of the best-valued international programs on the market. The tuition covers all instruction during the five modules; required books and other pedagogical materials including self-learning materials; tutoring and other intermodular support.

Tuition excludes travel and living expenses (see below) except for some lunches and dinners.

Payment Schedule

A deposit of US$3,000 per applicant is required to reserve a place in Cycle 24, which begins in November 2021 The initial payment of US$30,000 minus the deposit is due by October 15, 2021.

The balance of US$15,000 is due March 15, 2021. If paying as an individual, please contact us about a payment schedule. The total fee for the program is US$45,000.

Degree Fee

For participants choosing to complete the Masters Degree requirements, there will be a fee of CND$11,000 at McGill University, £6400 at Lancaster University or US$5000 at FGV EBAPE to cover the cost of registration fees, on-going assessment and supervision of the final paper. This amount is due upon registration and commencement of the degree portion of the IMPM.

Travel and Living Expenses

Travel to the different modules will be arranged and paid for by participants. Local board and lodging will be billed to participants at cost and is expected to be approximately US$18,000–20,000.

Accepted Applicants and Payments

Upon acceptance into the IMPM, all successful individual and company applicants will receive

  1. a letter confirming acceptance into the program;
  2. an online link to pay the deposit of US$3,000;
  3. additional program information and degree registration procedures.

There are a limited number of places available per Cycle. Places are reserved only upon receipt of the initial payment of US$3,000 per applicant. Please note that places cannot be guaranteed without this payment.