1. Submit your CV to dora.koop@mcgill.ca
  2. After receiving your CV you will be invited to two interviews to answer any questions you may have and to ensure that the program meets your needs
  3. You will then need to submit an application form
  4. An offer letter will follow if you meet all of the admission requirements
  1. Your curriculum vitae
  2. Application form completed
  3. Scan of passport page with photo
  4. Copy of your business card
  5. Passport sized photo
  1. You will need to sign and accept your offer.
  2. Pay a $3000 non –refundable deposit (details will be sent separately). This payment is deducted from your total  fees.
  3. In early June/July you will be sent details regarding the first module and the necessary steps to complete registration.

The application deadline for the program is March 30, 2021. However, registrations are accepted on a rolling basis and take some time to process so early submission is recommended.

Given the travel restrictions the IMPM program will begin with with an online orientation in May 2021.    You will receive readings and assignments to prepare for the in person start of the program on Sunday September 19, 2021 in Lancaster, United Kingdom.

To be considered for the IMPM applicants must have at least 10 years work experience and significant management experience.

 The total fee is $45,000 US plus travel and accommodation costs.   If you decide to go on to do the final paper the fees are $11,000 CND for the master’s degree at McGill, £6400 for the degree at Lancaster University and $5000 US for the degree at FGV EBAPE.  A limited number of scholarships are available for the Lancaster Degree. 

Over the course of the program two e-invoices will be issued. The first invoice will be for $US30,000 US per participant. The second invoice will be for $US15,000 per participant.

Yes, instalments are allowed for individuals. There are 5 staged payments plus the deposit payment. Payments are typically scheduled 6 – 8 weeks before the start of a module.  

You will be sent accommodation information and recommendations as part of joining instructions for each module. 

The core program is a set of five modules of 10 days each that take place over 18 months.  The IMPM is a truly international program and the modules take place in different countries.  After each module participants return to their jobs and apply the concepts and frameworks from the classroom.  Between the modules, participants also write a reflection paper based on the impact that the module had on them and what they learned when applying the materials from the classroom.

Between the second and fourth module participants, undertake a managerial exchange.  Participants will spend three or four days going to and hosting one other participant in their respective workplaces. At the end of the five modules participants decide where they would like to pursue their degree which entails writing a major paper on a subject of their choice. Participants have the option of doing their degree at Lancaster University, McGill University or FGV EBAPE.

There is no GMAT necessary for admission to the IMPM. 

The tradition MBA or EMBA focuses on functional concepts such as Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources and Operations Management.  Since participants on the IMPM have significant work and management experience, the program focuses on the application of that experience to managerial work.  The IMPM using the framework of managerial mindsets; The Reflective Mindset, The Analytic Mindset, The Collaborative Mindset, The Action Mindset and the Worldly Mindset.  These mindsets are about different – yet connected – frames for seeing and experiencing the world. They synthesize and open up new ways of thinking and acting for individuals, organizations, and society. Along with the theory, considerable time is spent in workshops where participants, senior managers, share their experiences with each other.

In the IMPM, the participants continue to work and apply the learning as they move through the program.  Not only do they grow as leaders personally but they begin to have impact on their teams and organizations. 

Yes, you will benefit from the IMPM if you have an MBA.  The program is different from a traditional MBA’s and is based on the practice of management and learning from other experienced managers.  We focus on managerial mindsets rather than functional silos.  The background of individuals includes those with undergraduate degrees, master’s level degree, including MBA’s and EMBA’s and other postgraduate degrees. 

No, the IMPM program is designed with senior manager’s schedules in mind. Participants live and work in their home countries, with only 53 days of out-of-office time over the 18-month duration of the program.  These 53 days are divided into 5 modules in 5 different locations plus a 3-day managerial exchange.

Approximately 50% of our participants are sponsored by their companies or organizations.  If you are paying as an individual your payments may be spread out over the length of the program.  If you come from a Not for Profit contact us about payment options

Scholarship funding is available from Lancaster University for the Degree Portion of the Program.  More information can be obtained here.

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