Workshop In London, Brussels, Amsterdam

Developing the Practice of Managing

Workshop: London 13 May 2013 / Amsterdam 14 May 2013

London Venue: The Work Foundation 21 Palmer Street, London, SW1H 0AD
Time: 12.30 – 17.00

Amsterdam Venue: Academy of Information & Management, University of Amsterdam, Voormalige Stadstimmertuin 91, 1018 ET Amsterdam

Time: 13.30 – 18.30

This free workshop is intended for individuals and organisations seeking new ways to engage in management development. Our approach and pedagogy are based on a belief that managers learn best by reflecting on and sharing their own experience. The workshop will draw on a range of interactive practices such as friendly consulting, managerial exchanges, impact groups, and innovative seating arrangements that foster reflective exchanges and collective development. Participants will experience many of these practices in action, learn how they have been developed over two decades, and understand their unique advantages in management development.

The workshop derives from the experience of the International Masters in Practicing Management Programme and a range of other novel programmes that it has spawned. By the end of the workshop participants should have an appreciation of this pioneering approach to management development to carry into their own developmental contexts.

This interactive workshop will be facilitated by Lucas Introna and Martin Brigham of Lancaster University, and Henry Mintzberg, Leslie Breitner and Dora Koop of McGill University — and in Amsterdam also by Rik Maes of the Academy of Information & Management, University of Amsterdam.

Places are limited so please reserve your place by 8th May. To reserve in London please contact Jane Haughton or in Amsterdam Bérénice de Pater

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