Put Your People First Through Reflective Learning and Profits Will Follow

      by Dr Martin Brigham, Ph.D.
      Academic Director, IMPM

      A fascinating, large-scale development project at Fujitsu Social Science Laboratory in Kawasaki, Japan, reports an often overlooked truism: people-centred organizations introduce, diffuse and sustain initiatives that demonstrate that the business cares about its people. In turn, those in the organization take care of the business through a mindset of open innovation and engaged collaboration, relationally integrating strategy into the heart of everyday work, creating increased levels of profitability and new forms of value.

      Simply, and perhaps paradoxically, putting your people first, ends up delivering a successful, customer first business that can turn an average company into an exceptional one. For many years research has shown that strategy is enacted by people across the organization not just in the boardroom. We also know that engaged and appreciated people go the extra mile for their company.

      For over 10 years Fujitsu Social Science Laboratory has been using the Reflective Roundtables approach developed as part of the International Masters Program for Managers (IMPM). Extending this experience-centred approach at Fujitsu with in-company reflective roundtables using Professor Henry Mintzberg’s idea of peer development and social innovation, Fujitsu has witnessed significant business growth and increased engagement.

      To learn more take a look at the article co-written by Kentaro Iijima, former Senior Vice-President at Fujitsu and Co-Convenor of the IMPM Yokohama Collaborative Mindset Module at Yokohama National University in Japan. For more on reflective approaches to management development and to begin your own journey towards organizational impact, see IMPM.

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