New IMPM Emphasis on BRIC Economies

From May 2010 the International Masters in Practicing Management (IMPM) is adding China and Brazil to its module locations. When the IMPM was launched in 1996 it was unique as an international executive masters program in featuring India as a location. Whilst retaining India as a location for the Worldly mindset through our longstanding relationship with the Indian Institute of Management in Bangalore, the IMPM will be running the Collaborative Mindset module in China in partnership with Renmin University’s School of Business in Beijing, and from September 2011 the Action Mindset module will be located in Brazil in partnership with EBAPE-FGV in Rio de Janeiro.

Dr Rick Crawley, IMPM Programme Director, commented: “It is probably obvious to everyone in senior roles in business how important the BRIC economies are becoming to world trade, and how they influence many parts of our companies’ operations and strategy. What IMPM is now offering is a structured and really focused way for executives from anywhere in the world to understand the Brazilian, Indian and Chinese economies and cultures in a global context, how to operate effectively at a personal level in those countries, and how to manage the opportunities and threats they present, regardless of whether they are based in a developed or developing economy context.”

The IMPM is a part-time international executive masters program designed for very experienced people who have been identified by their companies as the next generation of senior or top management, for entrepreneurs wishing to develop their business internationally, and for successful individuals wishing to advance their careers in management and leadership

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