IMPM’s Ronald Ajavon makes Canada’s Top 10 Most Influential French Canadians

FRANCOPRESSE – They are marathon runners of the Francophonie. Whether in their community or in their discipline, the 10 winners of the 2021 Canadian Francophone Influential Personalities Awards have left their mark in their own way. The verb to believe defines the motivation of each of the winners of this 7th edition of the Top 10. Over the past few years, each of the laureates has believed in the commitment, change, entrenchment, or development of who they are and what they do. In 2021, their deep convictions set them apart and become inspirational figures for the future.

Ronald Ajavon has created many projects for the Francophone community in 2021. The efforts of the Director General of Council of Francophone Schools made it possible to ratify an agreement in principle for the construction of three schools in French, including the construction of the first will start in 2022. During the year, he also created the group Early Childhood Education Centers (CEPE), which aims to promote synergy in French-speaking CEPEs and facilitate the recruitment of educators. He also created the Fund Francophone investment in Canada (FIFC) intended to promote youth entrepreneurship and support pupils and students who have an entrepreneurial spirit. Ronald Ajavon also collaborates to create sustainable change in education in Saskatchewan which is articulated around the change of status of the Cité universitaire Francophone and a diversification of the supply of post-secondary education programs in Saskatchewan. Ajavon attributes much of his devotion to community thanks to the McGill’s International Masters Program for Managers (IMPM) he graduated from several years ago. He stipulates:  “The IMPM program was an eye-opener on not just reflective leadership but also the impact of communityship. Most of those achievements were possible because of the communityship. Thanks to the IMPM community.”
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