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The following webinars showcase two of our world class faculty. You will receive content and tools that are relevant in today’s COVID world and will also prove useful over time in your leadership roles.

Transforming Organizational Culture for a COVID World

Dr. Sharon Turnbull
Tuesday February 23, 2021
12 PM EST / 5 PM GMT

IMPM Cycle Director, Dr Sharon Turnbull addresses how the Pandemic has impacted our organizational cultures, and whether these changes are likely to become permanent. Whether we consider the impact to be advantageous or damaging for our organizations, as managers we CAN take action to enable the positive changes to endure and to change patterns that we consider unhealthy for our cultures and future success. This short session will introduce Johnson and Scholes’ Cultural Web as a framework for managing cultural continuity and change, and provide you with provocation, reflection, and ideas for action.


Building Trust, A Critical Intangible Asset Within Your Organization

Dr. Marco Tulio Zanini
Thursday March 25, 2021
11 AM EDT / 3 PM GMT

IMPM Professor Marco Tulio Zanini, from Brazil’s FGV/EBAPE, discusses the relevance of trust in societies and within organizations. Trust is considered an element of informal coordination and a critical intangible asset to promote innovation, efficiency and better performance. Prof. Zanini asks to what degree changes taking place during the pandemic have impacted on trust within organizations. This short session will provide some concepts for leading & building high performance teams facing risk and uncertainty, and provide you with provocation, reflection, and ideas for action.


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